The Legacy River Kwai
 A Unique Land To Connect With Nature & Nurture Your Soul



Welcome to the  land perched on the magnificent River Kwai Noi, in Central Thailand, with amazing sunrise vistas, surrounded by a lush green fragrant forest, and habited by a beautiful varied ecosystem. Observe rescued elephants in their natural environment, explore the river hopping on a bamboo raft ride, relax joining one of our Health & Wellness Retreats, and unwind in cosy and home-feeling log cabins. Give yourself this opportunity to create long lasting memories – while enjoying the land of local smiles.











Charismatic countryside Thailand’s landscapes, beautiful Erawan Waterfalls and astonishing River Kwai Noi views are some of our surroundings to experience. We are sixteen-miles from  the historical Kanchanaburi Provincial City with its famous Thai-Burma Railway and its most photographed River Kwai Bridge. We are also within only a three-hour scenic and picturesque train ride from Bangkok, Thailand’s Capital City – this is something you shouldn’t miss! 


Either you decide to explore around or spend the day with us, these are some of the experiences you can enjoy with us.


Malee, Kammoon & I



Come and observe Male and Kammoon, rescued elephants, in their natural environment and while having a refreshing bath at the impressive River Kwai Noi. Also, you can help the Mahouts to cut grass on a nearby farm and prepare nutritious rice balls for the elephants to eat on that day, and finally - you can create your very own souvenir at our Elephant Poo Paper Factory!  Click here for more details.


Nature & I

Experience your stay connecting with nature through 5 senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. SEE - sunrise and forest dreamy photographic panoramas during your green holistic program; SMELL – sweet aromas of flowers’ bloom at our organic garden and comforting oil massage scents at our SPA; HEAR – the variety  of euphonious chirpings and nature’s movement in your wake up; FEEL – refreshed joining a forest-bathing program or splashing on the bamboo raft river ride; and TASTE – organic Thai Tea or local farm-to-table dishes at our restaurant. Click here for more details.


Health & Wellness



Align your Body, Mind and Soul unplugging of daily routine and reconnecting with yourself. Relieve stress getting into secluded hot & cold Jacuzzis (hydrotherapy); treat yourself with a Thai Aromatic Oil Massage; join one of our Legacy Holistic Retreats or Wellness Programs; practise yoga and meditation surrounded by nature (forest-bathing); cycle by fruits, vegetables and rice plantations; unwind by the swimming pool with a fresh fruit shake. Click here for more details.


Unique Experiences



Enjoy your romantic sunset picnic with a lake view and hors d’oeuvres; play your guitar and roast marshmallows with your beloved one(s) around an outdoor campfire; observe Malee & Kammoon river bathing and scratching their backs at their favorite trees; plunge into The River Kwai Noi after your bamboo raft ride; pet and feed are the cutest sheep; join our Legacy Holistic Retreats; understand Thailand culture while visiting temples and local markets in one of our tours. These are some of the experiences that you can pre-book with us. Click here for more details.





Can you picture yourself sleeping to the sound of peaceful and relaxing forestry nature and observing the bright moon, magical stars, and playful fireflies from your very own window? Or to enjoy your comforting breakfast while gazing at the subtle movement of the water  River Kwai Noi and its lush green surroundings?  The Legacy River Kwai is the perfect escape for youto unwind, connect with nature and recharge for your next life adventure. Click here for more details.

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