Discover incredible things to do in our centre and around the charming Kanchanaburi Provincial City, with plenty of natural, cultural, and historical highlights. 








Practising forest-bathing and observing Malee & Kammoon bathe at the lush river
are my highlights of this amazing trip to Thailand





Guest from Mexico


Our Programs And Packages



Do you prefer to observe elephants, or hop on a bamboo raft river ride, or join a wellness workshop, or visit a temple and local markets, or pamper yourself with an aromatic oil massage, or cycle around fruits plantations, or just to enjoy a truly unique unforgettable experience? We have programs and packages for everyone. Tell us yours desires and allow us to create them for you.



Malee, Kammoon & I

Did you know that these magnificent mammals can spend between 12 to 18 hours just eating every single day? Or that they have created their very own sunscreen? Learn more about them during one of our programs or at our very own in-house interactive museum!
In partnership with Somboon Legacy Foundation, a hands-off elephant Sanctuary, who takes care of old, ill, handicapped and rescued elephants, we want to be an example of the ethical change in  the animal tourism industry offering a completely hands-off experience for our visitors. Physical human contact is limited to the Mahouts (elephant caretakers). We believe that every elephant deserves a happy and stress-free life. The goal is to let elephants live and interact naturally, foraging in an area where they roam freely in our natural park-like land. Come and meet, the sweetest old friends, Malee & Kammoon joining one of the memorable Half-Day to Three-Day-Program experiences. You will soon notice their playfulness and their very own personalities!





Nature & I

Did you know that the effects of connecting with nature during one weekend can last for about 30 days? Some of these surprising benefits to your physical and mental well-being are boosting your immune system, reducing your stress, improving your mood, lowering your blood pressure, freeing up your creativity, and helping an illness recovery. The Legacy River Kwai aims not only for the well-being of humans, but also for the awareness and protection of nature and the environment. Some of our programs promoting that are: ‘Forest-Bathing (Shinrin Yoku)’ at our 1.3KM riverbank and secluded green areas; ‘Bird-Watching Camp (20+ species)’ for adults and/or kids; ‘Becoming A Farmer For One Day’ feeding sheep and learning about growing plants and composting; ‘Zero Waste Workshop’; ‘Thai Cooking Class’ with veggies that will be picked by hand at our Legacy Organic Garden; ‘Natural Shampoo Workshop’; among others. Contact Us for more details.




Health & Wellness

Align your Body, Mind and Soul unplugging of daily routine and reconnecting with yourself. Relieve stress getting into secluded hot & cold Jacuzzis (hydrotherapy); treat yourself with a Thai Aromatic Oil Massage; join one of our Legacy Holistic Retreats or Wellness Programs; practise yoga and meditation surrounded by nature (forest-bathing); cycle by fruits, vegetables and rice plantations; unwind by the swimming pool with a fresh fruit shake. Contact us for more Details.



Thai Culture & I

Kanchanaburi is an enchanting area with breathtaking landscapes, artistic and cultural charm that generates an ambience of spiritual tranquility amidst the gracious gentility of the Thai people and an ideal place for visitors to observe the real local culture. Discover the best cultural experiences and activities with us, like tasting Thailand through your senses in our exciting Thai Cooking Classes,  or creating your very own Thai souvenirs in our Arts & Crafts Workshops, or do Thai Star Gazing, or learn how to make Thai Herbal Balls for as a gift for your beloved ones, or visit one of the local temples and have the opportunity to talk with a monk. Contact Us for more details


Join a soothing forest-bathing therapy or nurture yourself with a soft flow yoga. Also, you can treat and pamper yourself with a wide variety of Thai and Western healing massages, such as: Hot Stones Oil Massage, Thai Herbal Ball Massage, Thai Aromatic Oil Massage, Thai Foot Massage, and others. Our relaxation Packages will help you feel stress free in our unique and peaceful surroundings. Contact Us for more details.


Practise activities that are fun and energizing, which will result in a healthier you. Like: aqua aerobics, circuit exercises; mobility & flexibility; morning run in our green areas; or cycling around our centre to discover the charming Thailand’s countryside. This Program’s focus is Active Movement of the body through Physical Activity. Activities can be tailored to different fitness levels. Contact Us for more details.

Legacy Community

Connect with other guests, watch a movie, play board games, join a book reading, share your travel recommendations to other fellow travellers, or practise a new language. Social interaction and bonding are important elements for a person’s wellbeing. Therefore, in our centre, we organise free activities for our guests that focus on coming together to enjoy each other’s company while having fun and learning from each other. Everyone always has something valuable to share and for us to absorb.

Unique Experiences

Every time that we travel, we should experience something new. Enjoy a romantic sunset picnic with a lake view and hors d’oeuvres; play your guitar and roast marshmallows with your beloved one(s) around an outdoor campfire; observe Malee & Kammoon river bathing and scratching their backs at their favorite trees; plunge into The River Kwai Noi after your bamboo raft ride; pet and feed are the cutest sheep; join our Legacy Holistic Retreats; understand Thailand culture while visiting temples and local markets in one of our tours. These are some of the experiences that you can pre-book with us.

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