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Nadia Villaverde – Overseas Events Manager


Meetings and Events



Invite your guests to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime events with natural surroundings of central Thailand. Rescued elephants, lush River Kwai Noi’s views, bamboo rafting rides and nature and holistic programs in a forestry park-like land hold the opportunity of unique experiences for connecting, learning, and celebrating. Indoor and outdoor spaces with beautiful green and relaxing surroundings are available. 



Seminar Rooms



Seminar Room Size
Set Up
Set Up
Set Up
Set Up
Rantee(Garden View) 21x29 588 8 500 350 300 350
Erawan(Garden View) 12x325 390 6 300-400 250 200 120-130
Krengkravia(Health Centre) 12x12 168 6 100-120 60-80 40-60 40-60
Mae Klong(River View) 6x13 80 3 50 30 40 40



Food and Beverage Outlets




Sapce Type Of Space Size
Kwai Noi (Garden View) Air Conditioned 8 x 8.50 68 60 - 100
Kwai Yai (Garden View) Air Conditioned 8 x 11 88 120 - 180
Ninlakarn 1 (River View) Floating Restaurant  11 x 7 77 100 - 150
Ninlakarn 2 (River View) Floating Restaurant  12 x 7 84 100 - 150
Lobby Bar (Overlooking river)  Open-Air 6 x 12 30 120 - 160
Café de Legacy Open-Air 5 x 6 72 20 - 25



Other Spaces For Events



Space Type of Space Size
Mindfulness Hub (Garden View) Air Conditioned 12 x 9 108 12 - 20
Community Hub (Garden View) Air Conditioned 7 x 9 63 15 - 20
Campfire Area (River View) Outdoor Space 50 x 70 3,500 100 - 500
Elephants Terrace (River View) Outdoor Covered Space 6 x 12 72 35 - 50
Chivali Shala (Lake View) Outdoor Covered Space 12 x 18.5 222 40 - 80



Meets and Events



Host a corporate meeting, a retreat or a private celebration for your guests at a unique outdoor covered lush green location or at an indoor garden view space. Savour the regional Thai cooking, along with Western classics during your special occasions.


Private Events

Host a private corporate or personal event with authentic regional menus in a totally unique setting. Tuck into your favourite dishes paired with Thai wine or Whiskey at our Elephants’ Terrace or Floating Restaurant, both facing the lush River Kwai River. Contact Us for more details.

Holistic Retreats

Join one of our 4-8-12 days holistic retreats taught in English, which combines a comprehensive range of theory and practices for you to learn, experience and integrate to your day-to-day life or create your very own program. We can tailor it for you. Contact Us for more details.

Your Wedding

Share your vows in a traditional Thai ceremony, having the River Kwai Noi as your background and lush forestry surroundings, observe the elephants bathe at the river for good wishes, and then, enjoy your day outdoors or embark on a voyage into Central Thailand landmarks. Contact Us for more details.

Online or Live Sessions

We would like to keep connecting with human beings around the world and keep sharing knowledge for enhancing their health & holistic wellness lifestyles. We learn, we share, and we grow together. Our online sessions series were created to for you to reach us easily wherever you are located, and for enjoying their benefits at your convenience. Some our workshops are: Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Positive Thinking, Thai Cooking Class, Among Others. Contact Us for more details (sessions, bookings, fees & payments) to:

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